A Taste of Culture

Want to spend your holiday more opulent than your wildest dream?

Visit CLARION'S restaurant for some of the best cuisines that embraces the Kenyan culture. I personally got the chance to witness the pressure and the heat in the kitchen; the experience was truly impeccable.

The menu is usually updated throughout the year to reflect the latest seasonal produce. Even though Chef Dan had designed an amazing menu, it's​ a shame that he only had one dish to​ serve me. The main dish featured chicken fingers, rice and salad.

Fire is an exciting and magical element, when it comes to setting things on fire while cooking. Not burning the food but am talking about the most badass trick in culinary: the flambé.

The dish looked delicious because the​ chef used fresh, seasonal ingredients on the chicken fingers in order for a tasty ethnic flair.

Having a bite of the cuisine, took my taste-buds to another level. The chicken was tender and the rice perfectly complemented it.
I will have to admit even though am not a food blogger, it was fun. For more information kindly kindly visit there website
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             Until next taste! Bye


Unknown said…
Billy N Miaron said…
Beautiful article Antonette. Am feeling hungry after this. Lol
Antonette Frida said…
Thank you so much Billy
Antonette Frida said…
Thank you
Ken Hanaya said…
Wonderful article Antonette. I'm always open to new cuisines and that definitly is something to consider. Look forward to reading more of your blogs.
Antonette Frida said…
Thank you so much Ken Hanaya

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